Day 21

Day 21

Read: Psalm 37:5
Trust in Him.

Three small words that can set destiny. Three small words that can take a life-time to sort out. Trust in Him; many of us go through our whole life trying to figure out if we really can. But that is not the real question we each face. The real question is, not can you, but will you? Will you trust God with the details of your life? There is another way to say this. Either you run your universe or He does.

I learned this lesson late one evening several years ago as I quietly walked towards my car after a night of ministry at my church. We were selling our property at the time and had plans to move to a 40 acre parcel we purchased to build a larger campus. As I paused behind our chapel on my way to my car I quietly said to the Lord, “I am really going to miss this place Lord. You have done so many amazing things here. You have touched so many people here and shaped so many lives in this place since we bought it fifteen years ago. It is still hard for me to believe we are actually going to sell and move.” Then I heard that still small voice I have become so familiar with over the years quietly speak back to me something that would forever alter my thinking and my relationship with God. It would challenge me to trust Him at a level I had never trusted Him before. He said, “It is fine for you to sell this property, but remember I gave you this property supernaturally and I will be sad if you sell it.” What? You, Father would allow me to sell the property, but it would make you sad if I did? I had never had such a thought. I could make a decision that would make my heavenly Father sad, a decision that wasn’t a sin, but it would sadden Him. I was floored. Why would you, God, allow me to make such a call?

In hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked as the Bible tells us that we are made in His image and as parents each of us have experienced this very thing with our children. We have allowed them to make a decision in a situation we longed for them to make one way and they make it the other way. Our hearts were sad as we felt we knew better, but we also knew without the opportunity to make a decision on their own they would never grow into the people we were called to help them become.

So it was dfg with my heavenly Father. One sentence that would cause me to rethink all the plans we had for selling the property. One sentence that ultimately led to us keeping the property and selling the land. One sentence that caused me lean into the Lord and trust Him when I saw no way out of the dilemma this conversation created. But, as He has a way of doing, He made a way where there was no way. He blessed us beyond our wildest dreams in doing it, just as He often does when He asks us to “Trust in Him.”

Father, you are amazing and your ways are definitely not my ways. They are exceedingly beyond what I could ever ask or think…thank you for walking the journey with me. You make life full and thrilling.