Day 2

Day 2

Read: I John 5:14-15
This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us-whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him.

Reflect: Confidence is an interesting thing. Sometimes when you have it you don’t realize it, but when you lose it you certainly know it’s gone. Confidence consists of faith, trust and conviction. When we lose those things, we find ourselves on the outside looking in. Nowhere is this truer than in prayer. When we have confidence in approaching God there is a sense of certainty, a feeling that we know He is listening and He cares. When we lose confidence, we lose certainty. We stop coming freely and prayer becomes a huge labor. Jesus was always teaching about the certainty of the Father, His love, His forgiveness, His desire to help us and be in our journey, that He will never leave us and that we can come to Him with confidence. Look closely at the times when Jesus prayed, He always prayed with confidence that His Father loved Him and would enter into His prayer.

Often, I lack that confidence and I have to stop and reset my heart. I have to read His promises and allow His Spirit to re-speak His Word into my journey. I have to clear out the cob webs of uncertainty that have taken hold of my heart and sort out how I allowed them to grow in the first place. When I do that confidence rises, hope takes wings and life begins to work again. This is especially true where it concerns prayer and wanting to come to the Father, believing He will be there and speak into my situations.

When we are in need we are told to come with confidence and approach God, asking for His guidance and His way in our journey. We are told “He hears us.”  That is an amazing thought. God is listening to us when we come, He is hearing us, the cries of our hearts matter! And if He hears us, whatever we ask…big, small, all-important or even mundane, He hears us and that builds confidence. If He hears us and we know that we have what we ask of Him, there is a certainty that rises up that breeds hope. Then I wait on Him and watch how He responds and how His answer unfolds in my journey.

Father, forgive me for not believing you care. There are those days I just lack confidence. Holy Spirit, please fill me with trust in you. I know that you are trustworthy and able to do exceedingly beyond what I could ask or think. Today, flood my life with the confidence your Word and your Spirit bring to living. 

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